What Our Happy Parents Have to Say


My first daughter attended the Riverside Day Nursery from eight months to four-years-old and my second daughter has joined, aged nine months. After my maternity leave, I specifically went back to a job in Windsor so that my daughter could go to this amazing nursery.

The staff are absolutely brilliant and this is why I love the nursery so much. They are all so caring and easy to talk to – they make you feel as though your child is the only one there. They also communicate everything to you. If you or your child is nervous about attending, they make you feel so calm and happy and – if you want to – they will tell you regularly throughout the day how they are getting on. I would really recommend this nursery to anyone.

Mum to Lexi (5) and Daisy (10 months)


My son has attended the Riverside Day Nursery four days a week from eight am until six pm since the age of seven-months-old. His development has progressed day by day and I am very happy with the care given to him by all the staff.

The activities are outstanding and the children are stimulated throughout the day. Staff members are efficient and friendly and will always ensure they talk you through your child’s day. As a parent of a child at the Riverside Day Nursery, I couldn’t be happier.

Roman’s Mummy (21 months)