Our Nursery

The Riverside Day Nursery is a bright, airy and welcoming space which children of all ages love.

Our nursery rooms offer a wonderful mix of engaging and fun activities and age-specific toys designed to nurture your child’s individual growth and development.

We understand that a child’s mood might change throughout the day, so our nursery has everything they need to move from energetic to reflective. There are outdoor areas to clamber over and let off steam, as well as quiet zones for those who fancy a little time to themselves.

The Baby Zone

Our Baby Zone is the perfect space for children aged three months to two-years-old.

This area is closely supervised by our highly qualified nursery team who ensure your little one receives all the loving care they need – from playing with your baby and giving cuddles at cuddle time, to perfectly timed feeds and nappy changes.

As well as a wide range of sensory toys to get to grips with, we offer your baby the opportunity to try fun, expressive activities, including lots of lovely messy play. If the weather’s fine we take babies out in the fresh air to play in our secure outdoor garden.

Good quality sleep is vital for young children. We supply everything little ones need to aid restful nap, such as beds for younger babies and a super-snuggly sleep zone for older babies and toddlers partial to a post-lunch snooze.

Fun-filled Toddler Zone

Our spacious toddler zone is expertly equipped to meet the needs of curious, active two to three-year-olds. This zone is a treasure trove of exciting activities, each designed to develop your child’s skills through creative play.

Features include a large soft play area to explore and climb and tables set up for sensory play, painting and crafts. To encourage brilliant imaginations, there is a fully furnished home corner, an abundance of dressing-up clothes and a roomy castle play-tent, so toddlers can role-play to their heart’s content.

Pre-School Zone for Busy Learners

Our space for pre-schoolers is packed full of stimulating, educational activities specifically designed to boost three to five year-olds learning in preparation for starting school. These include Jolly Phonics, which teach children to read letters through making sounds and doing actions, and enjoyable number and measuring games.

For busy learners who may want some quiet time, they can cosy up in story-telling corner or choose to play engaging, educational games on our nursery computer.

The Great Outdoors

There’s so much children can learn from the great outdoors, we view outside as an extension of our nursery space.

Spending time outside is a big part of our day and we openly encourage children to play outdoors as often as they wish.

The Riverside Day Nursery has a large secure play area where children can enjoy a variety of physical activities, such as playing in our cubby house, cooking up muddy delights in our mud kitchen and riding trikes and bikes. We also have a natural garden for digging, planting and, a big favourite, bug spotting. Located at Windsor Leisure Centre we also have access to a selection of child-friendly indoor and outdoor sports facilities.

Our stunning setting also means children can learn about all aspects of river wildlife and carefully supervised duck feeding and birds spotting expeditions are popular pastimes.

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