Q) What security measures do you have in place?

A) We take the safety and security of children very seriously at the Riverside Day Nursery. As such, strict safeguarding measures apply to all aspects of the day-to-day running of the nursery, from our staff recruitment process to monitoring our nursery space.

These include:

  • Stringent security procedures to only allow access to nursery personnel.
  • A secure main entrance which is manned at all times and locked immediately after child drop off and collection.
  • Visitors to the nursery can only enter if approved and accompanied by a senior member of staff.
  • Continuous monitoring and head counts of children in our indoor rooms, outdoor space and play equipment.
  • All staff members are subject to enhanced DBS checks and are professionally trained and qualified in all aspects of childcare, including health and safety and paediatric first-aid training. These skills are regularly updated as part of our staffs’ ongoing training and development.
  • As a parent or carer, we ask that you notify us and provide photo identification for anyone else who is authorised to collect your child. We also use a unique password system.
  • If for any reason you, or anyone else authorised is unable to collect your child, we have additional strict checks and controls in place.

Our policies on our nursery’s safety and security are available to view, if you would like discuss any aspect of our safety and security procedures, just let us know.

Q) What should my child bring with them for the day?

A) We supply everything babies and young children need, such as nappies, wipes and nappy cream. If your baby is formula fed, we ask that you bring in fresh prepared bottles for the day clearly marked with your child’s name.

If your baby or child uses a soother or comforter to fall asleep, please bring it with them.

It’s also a good idea to provide a spare change of clothes every day for your child, so that they can change into something dry if they get splashed during water play or have a toilet accident.

Please ensure all items of clothing – the spare set and what they wear normally – are marked clearly with their name.

As children are encouraged to play outside freely, please provide suitable outdoor clothing, such as a warm waterproof coat, outdoor shoes (wellies if it’s raining) and hat and gloves if it’s particularly chilly. For sunny days, we can supply sun cream for the children (unless otherwise instructed) but please bring a suitable sun hat. Please make sure your child has suitable footwear during the summer – ideally no crocs or flip-flops as these can cause trips and accidents!

Again, please ensure all items of clothing – from sandals to sun hats – are labelled with your child’s name.

Q) What should I do if my child is ill?

A) Please let us know as soon as possible if your baby or child is sick and unable to attend nursery.

If your little one has vomiting and/or diarrhoea, to prevent the infection spreading, we ask that you keep your little one at home for 48 hours after the last ‘episode’.

For infections such as chicken pox, it is a good idea to wait until five days after the rash has gone. If you are not sure how long to keep your child at home, please give us a call.

Q) What happens in adverse weather? Do you open?

A) As many of our staff are local to Windsor, we endeavour to open whatever the great British weather throws at us. In the unlikely event we aren’t able to open, we will let you know as soon as possible. We also update the news banner on the website home page on the day, so check there first.

Q) Do late pick-up charges apply?

If you’re late collecting your child from nursery a late pick-up fee applies of £10 per 15 minutes. Late charges start at 1.05pm (morning half day session) and, unless you have pre-booked a late pick up with a member of staff, 6.05pm (afternoon half day session or full day).

If you have pre-booked a 6.30pm pick up and arrive beyond 6.30pm, late charges will apply.

Please be aware that if you provide prior warning you may be late, late pick-up fees still apply.

Q) Can I book extra childcare sessions?

A) If you would like to book extra morning or afternoon sessions, in addition to your core sessions, we will try wherever possible to accommodate this. Just ask and we will check availability.

Q) Can I swap a day’s childcare or session for another?

Unfortunately, this is not possible due to the number of places allocated per session. If you would like to arrange extra morning and/or afternoon sessions, let us know and we will check availability.

Q) Do you offer a sibling discount?

We are pleased to offer a 10% sibling discount if you place more than one child with us, whether they attend half day or full day sessions.

Q) If we are on holiday or my child is absent due to sickness, do I still have to pay?

Regrettably it is not possible to swap or credit childcare sessions missed due to holidays or illness.

Q) What is your Ofsted rating and where can I see a copy of the report?

A) The Riverside Day Nursery was awarded a ‘Good’ rating following our first full inspection from Ofsted at our new location at Windsor Leisure Centre.

Highlights from our nursery’s Ofsted report include:

Staff provide stimulating environments and enjoyable learning experiences both indoors and outdoors.

Children are confident and motivated to learn. They behave well and are happy and settled.

Children are confident and independent. They build positive relationships with staff and relate to each other.

Staff make good use of the outdoor play environment to help promote children’s physical development.

You can view the full inspection report on the Ofsted website: www.reports.ofsted.gov.uk – our URN is EY485275. If you would like to discuss any aspect of our Ofsted report please get in touch here


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