Having fun and learning about the world demands the right kind of fuel.

At the Riverside Day Nursery, Windsor we provide a wide choice of tasty, fresh prepared meals and snacks daily to help your child thrive and grow.

We also believe that food isn’t just about nourishment but a chance to relish different tastes and textures, socialise with other young diners and learn the importance of putting good food in your tummy.

What’s on the Menu?

Made with some organic and free-range ingredients, the Riverside Day Nursery’s lunch menu includes a diverse range of tasty, warm dishes, such as, fish cakes and egg noodles, free-range roast chicken and yummy pork and pasta. These are followed by a selection of fresh fruit.

To set children up for the day we offer a variety of healthy breakfast options and when their energy begins to fade late afternoon, we serve a high tea of fresh prepared sandwiches, jacket potatoes or soup, with a choice of fruit for afters.

Healthy Snack Shack

Every mid-morning and mid-afternoon the Riverside Day Nursery opens its popular snack shack. Here children can pick healthy fruit and snacks to nibble on, such as rice cakes, fresh and dried fruit.

Yummy Nutritious Meals

To ensure your child’s meals strike the perfect balance of nutritious and delicious, we employ a highly experienced caterer who specialises in healthy menus for day nurseries.

The chefs take great care over the quality and preparation of ingredients and expertly cater for individual dietary requirements, including allergies, alongside food preferences, such as Halal and Vegetarian. They have also been awarded the maximum five-star rating from Environmental Health for exceptional hygiene standards.

Special Care for Weaning and Bottle-fed Babies

We understand that weaning is gradual and must be taken at your baby’s pace.

If you believe your baby is ready for weaning, or recently weaned, our highly trained and qualified nursery team will work closely with you to help your baby get the hang of solid food.

If your baby is fed formula milk, please supply freshly made up bottles each day labelled with your baby’s name.

If you’d like to know more about our tasty, nutritious children’s menu, please get in touch with us below.